The number of ads in a page is one of the factors that can increase AdSense earnings in 2022. Increasing the number of ads per page can create a better user experience and give your content more weight.

Put your ad unit above the fold on the website.

The term “above the fold” is used to refer to content that is visible on a website without scrolling.

The higher the position of your ad unit on the webpage, the greater its chances of getting noticed. The most common placement is above the content on a webpage, and this can increase your ad revenue significantly.

There are many factors that impact how an ad unit appears in relation to the content of a website. For example, there are different sizes and formats for ads and some ads may be more interactive than others.

Increase AdSense earnings in 2022.

Try to write articles on higher CPC keywords.

As you might know, when advertisers bid on keywords in Google AdWords, they pay when someone clicks on their ad. This is called “cost-per-click” (CPC). you can take advantage of this if your article ranks for high-CPC keywords, and that means your AdSense CPC will also go high.

In order to find higher cpc keywords, you need to first know what a cpc is. Cpc stands for cost per click. It’s a bid price that advertisers are willing to pay each time someone clicks on their link from a search engine result page.

The best way to find the highest cp keywords is to use google keyword planner and ahrefs.

Google keyword planner and Ahrefs are two tools that provide valuable data about keyword searches and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. When used together, Google keyword planner and Ahrefs can help you determine the top ranking keywords for your website to target.

Try to write long articles – It can increase AdSense earnings.

You can increase your adsense earning by publishing articles with lots of content and keywords that people are searching for. The more interested people are in your content, the more likely they will click on it and convert into customers for you which means higher advertising revenue for you!

With more content, you can get or place more ads. This will increase your chances of increasing your AdSense earnings.

If you want to improve your earnings from Google Adsense, then you need to generate more content for your blog. This is because the more content that you have on a blog, then the more traffic that it will generate and consequently the higher earning potential from Adsense.

Use artificial intelligence to optimize ad placements.

Adsene has option for auto ads placement, that uses artificial intelligence to help publisher maximize their earning. The company’s AI system analyzes the performance of every ad placement and automatically adjusts to optimize for the specific campaign objectives.

You can also try Ezoic to double your AdSense earnings.

Ezoic is a AI-powered web publishing platform that helps you generate more revenue from your content. It analyzes the topic of your article and suggest related ads to maximize your earnings.

Ezoic is transforming the way publishers manage their content with AI-powered web publishing software. They provide an all-in-one platform that includes features like ad servers, optimized templates, and automated monetization.

Ezoic’s capabilities help publishers with their most time-consuming tasks so they can focus on creating great content.

It offers developers a set of APIs to build out any functionality they need with the Ezoic platform.

Publishers will now be able to cut down on their expenses and target ads more efficiently without having to deal with complicated code or expensive experts.

How do I increase my AdSense clicks?

It is a well-known fact that the higher your AdSense clicks, the more money you make. There are a few different ways to increase your AdSense clicks.
You need to have a catchy title and an interesting article – people want to read something that will make them want to click on it. You also need to place the ad in a place where people will see it and where it will catch their attention. It is important to use relevant keywords for the articles so when people search for those keywords they find your articles.

How much does AdSense pay per 1000 clicks?

The most important factor is where that traffic is located. Traffic from certain locations are worth more than others.
$100 to $500 per 1000 clicks.
1. Page RPM – if your site gets a lot of traffic, you will get a higher RPM and hence more money from AdSense.
2. Niche – the niche of your site also affects your income from AdSense because it determines how many ads you need to show to make money with Google ads.

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